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Create a Feng Shui Environment at Work!

The stress you may be feeling at work is not only due to the boss or your colleagues. Apply a few Feng Shui principles at the workplace and notice the difference…

At the risk of disappointing the dreamer in you, Santa Claus is not from Lapland but rather from... America. He was fathered by the New-York poet (and theology professor) Clement Clarke Moore (1779-1863) in a text titled: A Visit from St. Nicholas. English-speakers will find the poem in its original version in the links below.

Legend has it that Moor had written this poem (which made him famous) on a sleigh, as he was heading back to his Greenwich Village home to spend the 1822 Christmas eve with his family. His description of Santa Claus had in fact been inspired by his driver, a potbellied man of Dutch origin.

In it, St Nicholas appeared as a rather small, podgy man with a chubby bearded face, dressed in a fur coat and carrying a big bag of toys in a sleigh dragged by eight reindeers.


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