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Coffee or Tea? Which one is really better?

Tea and coffee are still the two most widely consumed beverages in the world. Whilst various kinds of teas have been extolled for their 'health benefits'; coffee has often been demonized for it's 'health deficits'. So which is truly the 'healthier' beverage?

Everything began in a little family home in Germany whose members never ceased to be astounded by their pooch Rico and his astonishing powers of comprehension. Rico is a border collie who can efficiently distinguish approximately 200 words uttered by his master. Describe to Rico any common object in his vicinity, and he'll waste no time scampering off to retrieve the item, without ever making a single mistake. Convinced they had within their household a dog gifted with amazing talent, the small family decided to entrust Rico to the care of the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, a world reference in the study of animal behaviour.

The researchers were able to not only establish that Rico understood very well what was said to him, but that he could also instantly memorise any new word introduced to him. Rico was given a test in which he was asked to fetch an unknown object in an area filled with familiar objects, he could immediately pick out the correct item and bring it back! This was an interesting discovery for the researchers of Leipzig. They could now conclude that Rico was perfectly able to mentally deduce and thus understand that the new word could only relate to the unknown object and to no other.


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