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The Secrets of Body Language

To show strength in emotional intelligence is to also master your body language, literally the language of the body. Whether it is at the office or in everyday situations, mastering your body language will avoid allowing your bodily expressions from betra

1. Neuron Inflation

Throw your cellular phone away, sell your car and stop going to the gym to stay fit! Telepathy will be the best method of communication, telekinesis will enable us to move any object at any distance, and we’ll be flying through the air with the simple use of our psychic energy… Science fiction? Yes, since this is not about to happen anytime soon… but it does sound plausible if we were to consider that we under-exploit the functions of our brain. Albert Einstein, for one, concluded that Man only uses 10% of his cerebral potential. Unfortunately, the man who liked to stick his tongue out never truly demonstrated the viability of his hypothesis.

2. Knowing Ourselves Better

man typically places great value on the amazing technological advances that he has made ove rthe past 50 years. However, maybe we would be better placed by putting cerebral advances at the fore of our developmental endeavours. If we wanted to multiply our brain’s neuronal connections, shouldn’t we start by mastering what we already know? Today, the techniques of medical imagery allow doctors to follow our brain’s activity. Yet, we are unable to formulate a theory as to how intelligence is derived from this amazing mix of neuronal activity.


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