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7 Ideal Jobs to Meet Women

In order to meet women, the best is to hang out at places they hang around in. Discover the seven professions that’ll land you right in their laps!

1. Getting the name right Unless that person has introduced himself properly, take a moment to remember what name he likes to be remembered. Writing that person’s name down will increase your chances of remembering it next time and will show that you’re making the effort of keeping it in mind. For example: “The name Duvall, is that with two “L’s or just one?” or “Robert, I heard Fred called you “Bob”, is that correct?”

2. Finding a link with the name Try to memorise someone’s name by associating it to a thing or a term that is familiar to you. This is a great way to remember something using mnemonics. Choose whatever link is easiest for you. Let’s imaging someone’s name is “Donald” think of The Apprentice or the cartoon duck, or even your favourite fast food chain! It’s all a question of practice: in the end you’ll see their names as clear as neon lights above their heads, imaginatively speaking, that is.

3. Storing the informationAs soon as someone introduces himself to you, visualise your hand jotting that name down. Your fingers must twitch with the thought as if you were holding a pen between them, and imagine the letters of the name forming inside your head. You can even repeat it in your mind a few times.


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