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Thank you for your intelligence test. My score was 109. I'm satisfied with this result but I had trouble answering questions No. 37 and No. 42. The other questions were understood.
Amy - 11 years-old - Virginia Beach, VA

Your test website is my favorite test. I told all my friends in class about it, and they're all going to take the IQ test. Sir, do you have any other intelligence test for kids?
Brandon - 8 years-old - Oakland, CA

My deepest gratitude for this interesting experience. My nine-year-old son took your IQ test and did not need any help from his parents! Your questions were challenging enough to keep his attention for 35 minutes. His score: 116. Your analysis of the test results and score were quite comparable to the actual facts. Thank you for your professionalism.
Sharon L. - Doug's mother - New York, NY

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How to take this test
1. You have exactly 35 minutes to answer all 50 test questions. A timer starts automatically as soon as you begin the test.

2. You are not allowed to use a calculator, but pen and paper are allowed.

3. If a question seems to suggest more than a single answer among the given choices, select the one that seems most obvious or most "reasonable" to you.

Note to parents
This test was developed especially for children between the ages of 8 and 14 under the supervision of an English-speaking child psychologist. It includes questions that correspond precisely to each age group concerned (8-9 years-old, 10-11 years-old, 12-13 years-old and 14 years-old), and,therefore, in order to obtain an accurate evaluation, it is important to declare the child's actual age right at the start of the test.

We strongly advise parents to accompany younger children (8-10 years old) as they take the test to make sure they don't encounter any technical problems or problems using the computer. However, to keep test results relevant, do not help or answer the questions for them. For children 11 years old and above, parental guidance during the test is no longer required.

All questions have been tested through user panels from each age group. Therefore, the questions are considered valid and do not contain terms that are too colloquial or too complex.

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