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Gerardo - - () Wednesday, October 8
I found your test very interesting and probably it describes my self very well. I really have no comments or suggestions to improve it. Thanks.
Jacqueline - - () Monday, October 6
The test is very user friendly in terms of the format and concise questioning. The time offered to complete was ample. The report highlighted what I would call my characteristics on a 'good' day. I could relate to a lot of the analysis and at the same time it seemed highly favourable to my good points. It was pleasurable to read, and was so optimistic it appeared at first to offer little room for improvement. I re-read and noticed the weaknesses had been identified, they were just well hidden in the use of positive words. So thank you for the excellent service and I will use the site again and recommend it to friends.
Georgi - - () Friday, October 3
The tests were both very helpful and interesting. I enjoyed taking it. The emotional intelligence test said some good things about myself. I have printed a copy of the 30-page personalized report and I have showed it to my friends. Thanks for coming up with such great products!
Glascoer - - () Friday, October 3
I was so happy and a bit surprised that my IQ was very high as compared to other people. The personalized report said that my verbal skills were very good. It also said that I need to work harder on my Math skills. Thank you very much!
KaCee - - () Friday, September 26
The tests were fun...overall I thought it gave a fairly good assesment of me.
Graham - - () Thursday, September 25
I recently took an official MENSA test and was rated at 143 on the Cattell B test which according to MENSA puts me in the top 3%, the same results as what I was able to obtain from you. Thanks for the test - it was fun, very comprehensive in terms of answers and explanations and looked basically accurate.
Paula - - () Wednesday, September 17
Your test was thought provoking yet easy to take. The summary report was quite interesting. It is very accurate in relation to my strenghts and weaknesses. I still have the copy I printed. I can think of nothing to add to improve the test you use. I have taken several tests over the internet and yours was the most user friendly.
Brad - - () Tuesday, September 9
The IQ test was very good. The results show where you need to focus attention. It makes you think about all the possibilities before jumping into any conclusions, which is what you should do in life.
Joy - - () Saturday, September 6
My daughter and I both took your IQ test. It was especially helpful because I needed to get her professionally tested for a gifted and talented program at school, but I only wanted to do so if she did close enough on your test to the 130 that the school requires on a different test to make it worthwhile. She later took the Wechsler, and scored very close to what she scored on your test. She did get into the GT program, as well. Taking your test gave her the confidence to take the one at the psychologist's office.
Suzanne - - () Wednesday, August 20
I really enjoyed taking the IQ test and would certainly recommend it to my friends. The test was understandable and I was satisfied with the results.
Joy - - () Monday, August 18
Thank you for your kind assistance. I am actually having my daughter tested by a psychology professor at The University of Texas this Saturday morning. Her older brother is already in a gifted program, so I hope she gets in, too! She's taking the WISC. I know there might be actual puzzles on it. It will be interesting to see how she does. She scored 166 on a Mensa test for kids two years ago, but I think that was very inflated. She gets quite anxious during all timed tests, so I am afraid that will impede her performance. My son is the opposite--so laid back! I am an independent college and law school admissions consultant, so I will tell my clients about your site. Thanks again for your help and the free ticket.
Matthew - - () Monday, August 18
The test was fairly clear and I did enjoy the test very much. It was interesting, challenging and fun. I am not sure what you could change to make it better, but I have already recommended the test to my friends. I do not know if you can or if you did allow it, but an option to return to questions for later consideration would be nice. I also plan to try to take it again in the future. I hope this helps you.
Robert - - () Monday, August 18
I enjoyed the test and thought it was set up in a very user friendly manner. I would encourage friends to take the test for fun, although it is nice to know that one's score does reflect one's IQ to a reasonable degree.
Mike - - () Monday, August 18
The test was very clear and to the point. I did enjoy taking the test as I have taken other online iq tests just to see how I would do. I read the personalized report and I did learn some things, but I realize that I should not take it too seriously. I would tell my friends to take the test just to see how they compare to my score. I was satisfied with the test results and they compare closely to other online tests that I have taken in the past.
Syndersix - - () Monday, August 18
The test was challenging and fun, it was very revealing and coincided with my own perceptions of myself in business situations. I think it was well rounded and useful.
Jamal - - () Monday, August 18
I truly enjoyed your test and was rather surprised by the results. It's nice to know that I am smart even though I felt I was in a weird way. I can only get better I suppose. Thanks!
Arul - - () Monday, December 1
Your test is very well designed. It covered a broad range of intellectually testing topics. The personalized report is relevant to me and it summarized my personality.
Oscar - - () Wednesday, November 26
Your IQ test was very interesting and easy to use. I was very glad to have encountered your page and have answered your test. The personalized report described me pretty well and I am sure people that know me would agree.
Donna - - () Tuesday, November 25
Your test was very helpful. It held true to what I thought about myself and what others thought of me. I have no further comments on how it can be improved. Thanks for a great time!
Rachel - - () Thursday, November 20
Your test is good. The questions are well constructed and the report is accurate. Thanks.
JOHN - - (U.S.) Friday, November 14

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