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5 Steps to Avoid the Frightful Topic of "Exes"
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Use the humorous approach

In order to improve your reputation among your co-workers, partners or clients, focus on the reputation and praise zone situated South. Kepp it well lit by placing an element of light such as a lamp, any electric device or even your computer. You may also wish to hang any document or ornament that highlights professional achievement such as a plaque or newspaper article. Banish from this area anything associated with water and the color black.

In order to improve your relationship to others, and especially your supervisors, work your health and family wellness zone situated East. In this zone, place items made out of of wood or ceramic, yellow potted flowers or any symbol of abundance such as a basket of fresh fruit. These will be your allies…

Creating harmony in your work space
1. Sunlight
It symbolizes fire and enthusiasm, passion, and powerful energy. Fluorescent bulbs or artificial lighting tend to disturb this harmony. As much as possible, try to find a balance between natural and electric lighting. If you are nowhere near any source of sunlight, try to absorb some rays during your breaks.

2. Water
This is a perfect example of living abundance which is indispensable for the good circulation of ch’i. You may also use a photo of the ocean, a mirror or a small fountain. Beware of using an aquarium, however, as the fish may distract your energy.

3. Flowers and plants
These bring natural color to your life and in a confined space, they are perfect for camouflaging aggressive angles and dark corners. Avoid cacti and other thorny plants, instead choose a plant with flowers as they favor the flow of ch’i. Keep it real-- rtificial plants don’t give the same effect. Lastly, remember to throw a plant out the moment it starts wilting significantly.

Feng Shui not only brings balance and harmony in the workplace but to the home as well! This is why we have developed a test on the benefits of this ancient Chinese belief system in our Big Feng Shui Test. Try it out and see how you can extend these benefits to your home!

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