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7 Ideal Jobs to Meet Women
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From Baywatch to Blue Crush

4. Repeating the name over and over Once you have recorded that name into memory, try to bring it up in conversation as much as you can. If the person you just met has parted company with you, try recalling his name by making reference to him in conversation. Don’t use “he”, “that guy” or “the new technician”, use his name instead…

5. Covering up your forgetfulness Despite your efforts to remember a name, it may still slip your mind once and again. Using tact and wit is your only getaway at this point. Your first option is to use a little hypocrisy by faking an air of surprise when you see him again: ”What a coincidence, I was just thinking of you!” The other way out of this mess is not to be caught off guard when that person comes up to you again. Flash your sincerest of smiles and say: “It’s great to see you again!” and you can be sure that he won’t notice you omitted his name, since he will be side-tracked by the fact that you remembered meeting him on a previous occasion.

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